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I finally got round to trying Ghost last week. I’ve been meaning to give it a go for a while as I’ve heard many good things about it, plus the whole native markdown post entry appealed to me since I do most of my writing in markdown.

Sadly my hosting provider only allows for Ruby on Rails and PHP which means running Ghost myself it out of the question. Given running my own AWS or digital ocean instance would cost about the same as a hosted Ghost blog, I tried the hosted option.

I was… Underwhelmed. I know it’s still in development and isn’t feature complete, but there were just too many little niggles to justify the $5/month it would cost me if I persevered. For all its annoyances, WordPress is very mature and I can host as many blogs as I like for no more than I’m already paying my provider for other things. Seems like I’ll be sticking with it for a while yet.

I hate WordPress

A couple of years ago I suffered quite a major hack on my sites thanks to a vulnerability in one of my WordPress plugins. After quarantining everything and disinfecting some key sites I got massively disillusioned with the whole self hosted internet presence thing and slunk off to go spam Facebook with my drivel instead. Facebook doesn’t scratch the blogging itch though and recently I’ve been trying out some alternatives to WordPress. Sadly, many years of using WordPress means, hate it as I do, I’m familiar with it. The plugins, themes and features I want are all there, and its got a very large and active community.

I was looking at using Habari, which showed promise, however it’s too immature at the moment. I may well return to it later if the issues I found with it and the plugins I wanted to use are resolved, but for the time being it’s a grudging return to WordPress. Fresh install, fresh database, fresh start, but WordPress is on its absolute last chance. If it fails me again I’ll probably go roll my own.

Meanwhile I’ve still got sites that I haven’t restored from the attack a couple of years ago. I think it’s time to accept that they’ll never be fixed, let the domain names expire and concentrate on slightly less things at once 🙂