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Back To Work

Since leaving for Techstars I think I’ve been in our Norwich office for the grand Total of 5 times, and two of those was for less than 10 minutes. What with 3 months working in London, over a month working from home, Christmas, Easter and Paternity leave I actually feel like I’ve been on sabbatical for 6 months. Which is odd really since a lot of that time I was working stupid hours – certainly more than if I’d just been coming into the office as normal.

There’s also been a strange juxtaposition. For 3 months I was living on top of everyone, working every hour possible and being involved in even the minutest decision. Then I had a month of working from home and being very isolated from everything (remote working is not something we’re good at yet). Then two weeks paternity leave where you just forget about work entirely.

I’ve created a huge brain dump of everything I need to catch up on (with the wonderfully vague ‘sort email’ hiding I don’t know how much work), but top of the list is picking everyone’s brains on just where we’re at. In an organisation as dynamic as a startup there is absolutely no point in diving in head first until you know what direction you’re swimming in.