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First Day

So Ben Taylor, CEO of RainBird has gone on record1 as saying something along the lines of that, “as a matter of principle, RainBird employees will be taken out for lunch on Fridays, without fail“.

It’s Friday… although, to be fair, perhaps if I’d made it into the office before 11 I’d have more of an argument. I ended up working from home in the morning in order to take delivery of my new monitor before coming in and setting up my temporary desk and writing a document that is quite literally called “Big Ol’ Bunch O’ Questions”.

It’s actually made for a nice first day. I got a lie-in. Apart from a brief period before lunch there wasn’t even anyone in the RainBird offices. I’ve not been bombarded with millions of names that I’m not going to remember2, I’ve not had to go through the whole induction thing, I’ve not had to answer the same questions many times over as I’m shown round the office.

Also, since I came in late I got a lift with my wife. She’s still in town so I’ll shortly be going to meet with her and my daughter for an early dinner before going home for the weekend. Who said startups were ridiculously long hours?

1 Sadly a printed article in the EDP, the online version of the article omits the quote in question.

2 I’ve met one guy, who’s name I’m familiar with.