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Always read the small print

I spent a fair few hours this weekend perusing Shutterstock for images for an idea that a friend and I are looking into. Since we were setting up an LLP I figured I could go grab something suitable to use as a logo for a few quid and use it to set up the website, among other things. The search was going well until it came to purchasing the image I’d settled on. Unsure as to which license I’d need I delved into the small print. What I discovered was rather upsetting: you can’t use Shutterstock images for logos or trademarks. In fact there are a number of restrictions on how the images can be used, some of which had me checking I wasn’t breaching the terms of the license on other images I’d previously purchased. In the end I resorted to spending a little more than I had initially hoped and got a professional to do a logo for me. I’m working on the premiss that they’ll do a much better job and we’re not leaving ourselves open for legal issues later down the line. On the plus side I did at least have a collection of images to use as a “mood board” for the new logo. Just goes to show that its always worth reading any licenses you’re signing up to.