Monthly Archives: March 2015

Speed doesn’t kill

Speed doesn’t kill. Coming to rest in a short space of time does. The issue with Accelerators is there doesn’t appear to be any time to brake at the end of it. The day after Techstars finished, with less than 5 hours sleep under my belt, we packed up our office in London, moved it back to Norwich and attempted to reintegrate ourselves into “normal” life. In my case this meant heading straight back down to London for two days last week before returning to do two slots at nor(DEV):con. Part of the reason for being in London was to give a talk on our Neo4j driver. So, come last Monday I had one 10 minute talk, one 45 minute talk and one 90 minute workshop to prepare for, none of which I’d started. The workshop I fobbed off onto Ben and Chris so I only had just shy of an hours worth of talks to prep for. There wasn’t much time for anything else.

This week is the first where I’ve been able to stop. Take stock. And work out exactly where I am.

My inbox is now empty, with 15 flagged items awaiting action later. My todo list for today is todone, with items for the week and beyond mapped out. And three plus months of charging headlong has now been tamed slightly with a list of what’s outstanding and something that looks like a plan. Despite achieving nothing on the surface, today has been incredibly productive.

Getting back into something vaguely like a routine with my family is going to be slightly harder. Working from home while we wait for the birth of our second child is helping here, but it’s going to take more than an empty inbox, well ordered todo list and a project plan.