Techstars: Day 89 (Fin!)

So I was never really going to have a huge amount of luck with the music at the Techstars after party because my musical tastes diverge rather significantly from… well, pretty much everyone really. That said, anything with a good thumping beat can be danced to. The easiest way to ensure a good thumping beat is to distribute 40 glowsticks across the dance floor and make the DJ face the fact that people are now going to want to wave these about. That seemed to work. All that was left was to go nuts on the dance floor. I certainly had fun. It looked like everyone else was too.

The London Techstars 2014 Winter cohort have now graduated, and done so in style. As I suspected, we’ve bonded into a family through a truly unique experience. Later this morning (given it’s 03:40) I need to get up, pack, get to the office, pack that up, get in a taxi back to Norfolk and resume my normal life – if that’s even possible.

The past 103 days have been truly life changing. I hope I have captured some of that experience in this blog. I know people have been reading it. I still have Jon Bradford’s voice in my head going “Where’s my blog post?”, something that has a truly special ring to it if you say it in Jon’s accent. Plus it turns out that I am now The Dom Davis, as in “Are you The Dom Davis who writes the blog?” – yes, yes I am 😉

So what now? I think I’m right in saying that I am the only person to have blogged every single day of a Techstars cohort (with the exception of Saturdays). Much of it is drivel because it was written at gone midnight when I was exhausted, but there is an awful lot of material there. I plan to write a longer post on the experience as a whole, and then maybe write a book about the whole thing.

And I will still blog, just possibly not quite as often. My life at home is pretty sedate and doesn’t make for such an interesting read.

All that remains is for me to thank Jon for picking Rainbird and giving us the opportunity to take part in this experience; Tak for just being awesome – it really is Takstars; Mark for herding the errant cats that a Techstars cohort is made of; and everyone else that made Techstars London what it was. I really can’t thank you guys enough.

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to sleep, pack, and then go home to my family.