Techstars: Day 82 (I think we’re ready)

I’m in bed already[1]. This is the third time today I’ve been to bed. I got to sleep[2] at gone two this morning and managed to get about 5 hours sleep. By 1pm I’d hit a wall and needed to head home for a nap. I’ll be surprised if I make it past 8pm tonight. Oh, and I had fried chicken for lunch. It was the Best. Thing. Ever.

All of which gives an idea of the state I was in today. Regardless, I had a go at pitching at pitch practice today. We had some tweaks to the wording that we’d worked on last night and Ben was out at a meeting, and unable to try them out. I figured I may as well give it a go.

So, a tired, hungover, unprepared me presented an unfinished keynote deck, reading the script to the assembled audience. And it didn’t suck. Which is cool, because it sure as hell wasn’t my presentation skills that held it together. An eager, well prepared, well rehearsed Ben is going to knock this pitch out of the park.

[1] if that weirds you out then I’m sorry to say that the vast majority of posts have been written from bed, just before going to sleep. Sorry. Deal with it.

[2] For a given definition of ‘sleep’. Redbull is an evil, evil drink.