Techstars: Day 79 (Vertigo)

We had a meeting with some of our investors today at the ME London Radio rooftop bar. This exclusive, not to mention expensive bar affords stunning views over London from its vantage point on the 10th floor. Which is great. Unless you suffer from vertigo.

It’s an interesting balancing act trying to sit as far away from the wall as possible, whilst trying not to look anti-social – something that was made easier by the large group. I think, however, that the game was pretty much up when people started leaning up against the edge to take photos. For some reason even other people getting close to large drops makes me cringe. Just watching it on TV is enough to make my legs go weak.

Thankfully dinner was had on the ground floor in a very nice restaurant nearby. And the view from the bar really is quite good, even if it is terrifying.