Techstars: Day 68 (Three weeks left!)

Less than three weeks left

Less than three weeks left

The Techstars Clock of Doom ticked over to 20 days and 23 hours left today, which means it’s less than three weeks to demo day. Given how fast the weeks are going at the moment that’s going to be over in no time, which is quite sad in some respects as I’m still enjoying myself.

Tonight, however, I’m not thinking about demo day, Techstars, or work. Tonight I’m going out with Ben, our CEO. This is part of the reason I’m posting early today. I may drink. It may get messy.

Ben and I get on fantastically well, which is helpful given how closely we need to work. Despite that it has occurred to me that we have never actually socialised in a non work capacity. Probably the closest we got was the Rainbird summer party where everyone and their families piled round my house for a BBQ; but it was still a work do.

So tonight we’re going to have a non work night out where the discussion won’t be planning our next raise, or discussing development strategy, or indeed anything to do with work. Tonight we will go out, have fun and do whatever it is people do when they’re not working.