Techstars: Day 66 (Connections)

While the Techstars network is big, it’s not all encompassing. Sometimes you’ve actually got to go out there and make the connections yourself. That is exactly what tonight was about. After publishing our Node.js driver for Neo4j and making a bit of a splash about it, it only seemed sensible to follow up by attending this months London Neo4j meetup – which conveniently happened to be tonight.

This was an absolutely fantastic opportunity to introduce myself to the guys at Neo Technology, and talk to them about getting involved in the community, as well as get some answers to some of the questions we still had outstanding about Neo4j.

I was actually triple booked for tonight as we had company dinner that I wanted to attend, and there was a London Node.js User Group meeting tonight that I wanted to attend, partly because Codeship were going to be in attendance. Thankfully I was able to use the Techstars network to get Codeship to come to me tomorrow, meaning I’ll get to speak to them one on one.