Techstars: Day 64 (Cluster)

While at Techstars we’re in a shared space with more than just the companies from the current cohort. In the interest of fostering better collaboration and communication between the companies based there we’ve had a number of breakfast events set up for various business functions. I’ve already been to the developers breakfast, and there is a CTO breakfast in a couple of weeks[1].

Part of the discussion over the developers breakfast was the possible use of the open space we have at the office. As one of the organisers of nor(DEV):, a tech group based in Norfolk, I look at the space as the perfect venue to host speakers. This is exactly what happens each Thursday with the Techstars Founder Stories, so why not open it beyond that?

To test the theory we needed a guinea pig who’s willing to risk no one turning up in order to gauge interest in such an event. Not being shy when it comes to speaking opportunities I threw my hat into the ring. The net result is I should be running a 20 minute variant on my Ariane 501 talk[2] in the next week or two.

Keeping active on the speaking circuit has rather fallen by the wayside with everything else we need to do at Techstars. It will be nice to get some practice in before my sessions at nor(DEV):con[3], and events I have lined up at SyncNorwich and SyncIpswich.

[1] Breakfast seems to be the thing for CTOs. There is a Techstars CEO dinner this week, while CTOs are being treated to a breakfast Wednesday and Friday.

[2] As a case study, Ariane 501 is a gem that just keeps giving.

[3] Which is only a week after Techstars finishes. Not entirely sure when I’m going to find the time to write that talk