Techstars: Day 40 (The Story So Far)

As the final week before Christmas draws to a close I thought it would be fun to look back over the past 6 weeks and see what the Techstars experience has been like so far.

  * Week 1 – So this is Techstars. Awesome! Eat well, exercise hard, work hard, win as a team!
  * Week 2 – So this is Mentor Madness. Wow! Eat less well, exercise on the days when you actually get back in time to do so, divide and conquer1.
  * Week 3 – Recover from Mentor Madness while still having a buttload of meetings with people who may or may not be mentors. Screw the diet. Screw the gym. Try to make sure the team doesn’t become divided over where we’re going.
  * Week 4 – More mentor madness. 4pm snack runs for vast amounts of sugar, chocolate and caffeine are now a thing. Walking fast to the shop to get said snacks is considered exercise. Divide the sugar between the team.
  * Weak 5[sic] – Pick a direction. Attempt to charge in said direction, amble rapidly instead as most of the team are dead or dying from plague. Snack runs are now more frequent and also include Lemsip, painkillers and concentrated vitamin C. The team is divided into the walking wounded and the walking dead.
  * Week 6 – The walking dead. I’m so tired the week is just a blur. Trying to remember how many snack runs we did is more mental exercise than I can handle now. The team have headed in different directions for Christmas.

We’ve now got two weeks ”off” over Christmas. Of the 14 days, only 7 are working days which, after 6 weeks of mental hours, seems somewhat wasteful. I’ll spend most, if not all of the working days working from home – albeit slightly more normal hours. This may mean a lack of Techstars specific blog posts until the 4th when we come back.

1 I’m well aware that technically that term means divide your enemies and conquer them, but in this case it’s split the team and attack multiple things at once.