Techstars: Day 39 (Fringe Benefits)

So, given Ben has a back that will occasionally spasm and put him out of action, and that James has a back that’s basically made from chicken wire and duct tape I can’t really claim that I have a bad back. What I have is mild discomfort and some tightness.

Normally I solve my slightly misbehaved back problem with a massage every other week, decent chair at work and a well setup desk. With Techstars I’ve had to ditch that plan. While I have a good chair, the desk is 2” too low. Massages in London a sodding expensive and I also don’t really have time. So it’s like it or lump it. On the plus side I seem to have a good mattress at the flat which is helping.

Today Jon booked Tak (the Director at Techstars) a massage in the office. Since there weren’t really any meeting rooms spare, and given they’re all glass anyway, Tak elected to have his massage outside the meeting room that Jon was in all day. It seemed only appropriate since, as far as we can tell, the session was booked to Jon could see if the service was any good. Tak also wasn’t up for an hour long massage so he decided to split it into two half hour sessions and give the second one to anyone who wanted it. My hand was up before he’d even formed the question. It was a half hour of bliss.

Sadly I have to wait until Rainbird is making sufficient revenue to pay for in office massages when we get back. I suspect the word ‘sufficient’ has been chosen as being suitably vague enough to mean ‘never’, or at least ‘not any time soon’. In the interim I’ve booked a session with my usual guy in Norwich for Monday. I may try and squeeze in a few more sessions before we come back from the Christmas break and subject my back to 7 weeks of torture.