Techstars: Day 35 (Weekend off)

This weekend has, in some respects, gone slower that the previous week. It’s caps off the end of a 19 day period where I was either working or dead and has been a complete change of gear. My wife has been at work for most of the weekend so I’ve been looking after our 3 year old daughter, Willow. It’s knackering.

Not that this is anything new. I’ve been looking after Willow every other weekend for ages now and, at three, she doesn’t realise that I don’t have the boundless energy that she does; that I can’t get up and sit down every 30 seconds as we bounce between playing different games; and that my desire to play yet another round of hide and seek wained 5 minutes ago. I seriously don’t know how my wife does it the other 12 days every fortnight when I’m not in charge.

Despite having work that I really need to be doing, I’m using the journey back to London to relax and recharge a little. The train doesn’t get me in until gone midnight, so it’s straight to bed and ready to launch into the last week before we break for Christmas. Thankfully we’re in ’build’ mode now so I can spend most of the week completely checked out of real life and knee deep in code – I’m going to be too tired to do anything else.

It’s quite funny to think that, as the 5th week draws to a close, the prospect of a 70+ hour week coding between now and Friday seems almost restful and relaxing… and that the prospect of spending 7+ days away from the office over the 2 weeks of Christmas is virtually scary.