Techstars: Day 33 (It’s a family affair)

Today marks the end of what will probably be my longest contiguous stint in London for the whole Techstars process. Three weeks between visits home is possibly pushing it a bit far, although my wife has been fantastic throughout the whole thing.

Do any kind of background research on previous cohorts and the common theme is that your family have to make a big sacrifice while you’re attending. They’re not wrong. I have a heavily pregnant wife who, for 3 weeks now, has been making house, and looking after our 3 year old daughter with no help. I know it has not been easy. Nor does she get a break this weekend, she’s working while I play daddy daycare, then diving right back in to picking up the slack single handedly again.

I deliberately set expectations low before I left for London. I knew that, for three months, I was going to have to excuse myself from normal day to day life and eat, sleep and breath Techstars. Not going home on a weekend give me 15-20 hours extra solid working time and time to seriously catch up on my sleep for the next week – but it also means no break for my wife, and my daughter only seeing me via video calls once a day. I’m not sure there are many spouses out there who would put up with that deal with very little complaint.

It’s also not been easy for us on the programme. I know everyone in the team finds it hard to say goodbye each time they leave their families. My FaceTime calls in the morning often leave me feeling quite low because they are no substitute for actually being there. I also know it’s going to be hard to leave come the end of the weekend. At least next week is just a one week stretch, followed by me living at home for two weeks over the Christmas break.