Techstars: Day 16 (Half day!)

After all the rhetoric of a 19 day working week yesterday I went and did a half day today – or at least that’s how it felt. In at 7ish, out at just after 5:30. Yup, I didn’t even manage an 11 hour day1. Not only that, but on the surface of things I made negative progress insofar as the code I’m writing now does less than it did yesterday. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll notice I’ve completely rewritten most of it to be nice an maintainable rather than the 100 or so lines of crap that I’d barfed into existence on Monday in order to prove a concept. This is most definitely considered A Good Thing™ and To Be Encouraged®.

I left as Ben and James were refactoring the business model and, on the surface of things, making as much progress as I appeared to have done. I’m pretty sure they’ve got as far as ”Rainbird is…” (and, to be honest, if you want to guarantee that nothing is going to change you might want to narrow that down even further to ”…is…”). Still, I’m almost certain that, like the code refactoring, under the covers it’s all being rearranged to be neat, tidy and elegant. It’s also likely that if I actually stuck around until the end of the working day I’d know what goes on the right hand side of the sentence. I’ve no doubt I’ll find out tomorrow morning, in the mean time lets put in the placeholder “…seriously cool stuff”.

The reason for my foreshortened day was a meal and drinks with some old colleagues of mine. I know we’re supposed to put our social lives on hold in case it interferes with the work/work balance, but it would seem churlish to spend this much time in London and not catch up with some friends. I could pretend it was business related and that I might be able to interested them in Rainbird, but if we’re honest most of them were, like me, first up against the wall when the revolution came2 and not really in any of the target markets that we may or may not be interested in chasing.

It was an evening off, pure and simple. And a good fun one at that.

1 I know, I’m such a slacker!

2 We were all at a large investment bank together when the financial crisis struck.