Techstars: Day 12 (The Team)

The Rainbird Team

Barry, Dom, Chris, Ben and Nathan (James photographing)

So who are we? Who is Team Rainbird? Well this is us, or at least most of us. James is the one taking the photo so he’s not in the picture sadly.

James is the adult of the bunch, the sensible one. He’s also the one with taste, enjoying the finer things in life. James dresses well – the whole t-shirt and hoodie look doesn’t sit well with him, a fact that amuses the rest of us greatly.

On the left, that there is Brand Barry, or Bazminda to his mates. Bazminda is smooth. Very smooth. Something that works well when he’s negotiating. Freebies, discounts and upgrades just seem to find him. Another snappy dresser (or a flagrant copier of James) it can be hard to tell Bazminda apart from James if you just go by the clothes, although there is a clear hight difference.

Next up there’s me. You can tell I’m at home in a hoodie, I live in them. You can make your own mind up about the other aspects of me from the rest of the posts here.

In the middle, that’s Stumpy1 – unsurprising really as even in the foreground he’s shorter than all of us. A lover of tweed, and sensible cardigans, we’ve tried to beat the “old codger” out of him and remind him that he’s part of a cool and hip startup. I think that explains the pose.

Then there’s Ben. He’s the gaffer, and the brains behind the outfit. Rainbird is his baby and his labour of love. A connoisseur of proper beers and the consummate geek, Ben makes an excellent counterpoint for James. The two make a good team.

Lastly there’s Nathan – the one who got lost on the first day. Nothing fazes Nathan, not even getting lost in the middle of London. I’m not saying it happens a lot, but I do find myself having to point him in the right direction and saying “Run, Forrest, Run!”. I may start calling him Forrest.

1 Or Chris, if you insist on given names.