Techstars: Day 11 (Putting the Tech into Techstars)

We had our second Deep Dive with Jon1 and his team today. The Deep Dives are where we make sure that we, as a team, are heading in the right direction, review our performance for the week and set challenges for the week ahead. The feedback from this weeks meeting was overwhelmingly positive. Which you’d think would be a good thing.

Rainbird the company, as an idea, as a business plan, is accelerating. We’ve made a huge amount of progress on that front over the past two weeks. You could describe it as completely taking the company to bits and rebuilding it from scratch. Twice. You could argue that this is why they’re called accelerator programs.

Rainbird the platform, the underlying tech, is not keeping up. And that is my issue. As CTO it’s my job to ensure that the tech supports the business; after all, selling shiny awesomeness is easy.

We are not at the shiny awesomeness stage yet and there is a metric crapton2 of work to be done to get there. Thankfully Ben, the CEO, is a techie himself and understands this isn’t happening overnight. Sadly, however, I’m not quite so forgiving and am likely to begin birching myself for non-delivery fairly soon. And sat there, at the back of my mind, is the little niggle of doubt that all developers seem to get. What if I’m not up to the task? What if I can’t make it do what we need?

So my perverse logic goes that if we’d started the Deep Dives with us having our backsides handed to us on a plate then we could knuckle under, show improvement week on week, and gain credit for that.

By starting well we’ve set the bar high and now need to consistently exceed that standard. And to help us do that I need to ensure that the tech is doing what the business needs – so no pressure then.

1 The Managing Director of Techstars London.

2 1.10231 Imperial craptons.