Techstars: Day 10 (If I had a hammer…)

Todays plan was work 08:00-19:00, head home, gym for 20:00, cook dinner at 21:00, bed by 22:00. Didn’t quite pan out as I didn’t leave the office until 20:00, which was too late for the gym. This could be a blessing in disguise as I’m in bed for 21:20 and I will be unconscious1 by 22:00.

It seems that, between the mentor meetings, sponsor meetings and feedback meetings2, it was a head down, headphones on, get on with it type of day. Rest assured that I didn’t have my head in my hands due to despair, I was just looking at something on my iPad3.

The Rainbird team working with headphones on

I find it ironic that Apple is known for their iconic white headphones, yet the white headphones here are non Apple ones plugged into Android devices while I, the rabid fanboi, have black, non Apple ones plugged into my iPad.

The headphone tactic seems to have worked though. I’ve taken a bunch of open source modules that sort of vaguely do what I want them to do and hit them with a big virtual hammer. The resulting monstrosity should find it’s way back into the open source community in the next few days and we’ll finally have a way of doing releases that force me to update the version number and release notes rather than arbitrarily changing the version number and putting in the first few changes I can remember.

I also spent some time speccing out some new features for Rainbird which look awesome on paper. Absolutely no clue how I’m going to implement them, but hopefully the impending 8+ hours of delicious sleep4 will see me bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow and provide inspiration and insight for the challenge. Failing that I’ll just bludgeon some more modules together with my big hammer until it resembles something like what I want.

1 Sleep is far too soft a word.

2 For a company that prides itself on not having meetings we suddenly have a lot of meetings. My calendar is just insane at the moment.

3 Probably Facebook actually, which doesn’t really help the “working hard” thing we’re trying to portray but my wife puts lots of photos of my daughter on there so I like to check from time to time during the day just to see what they’re up to while I’m away.

4 And I do sleep very well here, there’s just not enough of it going on.