Techstars: Day 3 (The first rule of CTO club…)


Psychologically there is a big difference between 100 days left and 99 days left

I think it’s safe to say I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I suspect this is going to be a common theme given it’s 23:50 already and I’m still not quite ready to hit the sack. That said, I think we barely managed a 13 hour working day before buggering off to get some food. Chuck in the fact that I had to run to Oxford Street1 during lunch and it was practically a half day.

Today was a bit different for me as I had CTO club. The first rule of CTO club is that you don’t talk about CTO club. The second rule of CTO club is that if you don’t get stuck into the chocolate croissants near the beginning of the meeting I’m going to have eaten them all2.

The CTO meetings are likely to be invaluable to me as, while I bring a fair amount of experience to the table, most of that experience is as a developer. OK, so I’ve been a team lead, development head and even a Head of IT before, but all that’s crammed into the very last portion of my career. Part of me still views myself as a naive 22 year old who’s just starting out in a support team.

We also had our first Deep Dive with Jon Bradford and his team. It was nowhere near as brutal as I was expecting – in fact it was practically pleasant. Yes, there are issues that we need to address, some quite large, but then that’s why we’re here; to get help and guidance on some of these larger issues. There’d be no point in doing the programme if we had it all worked out.

We topped the day off with dinner and a team discussion over the outcome of both the Deep Dive, and last nights homework (which was very much an exercise to get us thinking about the kinds of issues that would be bought up in the Deep Dive). I also have some of my own ideas, but I’m reserving judgement until after the first week of mentor meetings.

I then utterly failed to get to the supermarket to buy the growing list of things I could really do with buying. The likelihood is that I will completely fail to get to the shops tomorrow today too as we’ve got a 6pm meeting, followed by a Techstars Alumni panel, followed by drinks… also, how the hell is it Thursday already?

1 I now have shoes.

2 Although to be fair there were only 2 or 3 of them and I did offer them about before stuffing my face.