Techstars: Day 2 (Daddy needs a new pair of shoes)

I need a new pair of shoes, quite desperately. The why’s and the wherefores are unimportant. I simply need to go to a shop, try on shoes, find a pair that actually fit and purchase them.

Given day 2 of Techstars is ostensibly a “day off” – that is no activities or meetings are planned – I figured I could pop out over lunch some time. I was wrong.

Cue one fifteen and a half hour day focusing on our “homework” (the real reason we had the day off from other activities), actually getting some work done, waiting for photographs to be taken1, having working lunches, having a working dinner2, and finally finishing our homework3.

Maybe “day off” was a poor choice of words.

Tomorrow is morning is rammed with meetings, but the afternoon is looking promising to steal some time and sort the footwear problem. I could probably do with going to a supermarket too. And sleep. Sleep would be nice. So with that, I bid you goodnight4

The Rainbird team working hard

Burning the midnight oil

1 This was when the work actually got done as we were all at our desks waiting to be called for a couple of hours

2 OK, so the intention was to have a working dinner. Space considerations and a need to take a break put paid to that though.

3 For a given definition of “finish”. It was late, brains were fried and we may have been a bit less diligent with the last few bits.

4 It is quite literally 00:15 and I have a meeting at 08:30 so you’ll forgive me if I don’t refine the wording of this post, polish the prose, and make it the normal eloquent drivel you’re used to reading here – I suspect quite a lot of the posts are going to be rawer due to the lack of time and lack of sleep.

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