Techstars: Day 1

Arrive, early. Watch as one of our team manages to bugger up the entry system (albeit not too badly). Get settled. Start introducing ourselves. Sit through a long (but interesting) introductory presentation. Get introduced to everyone. Instantly forget everyones name. Lunch. Head out for a treasure hunt. Decide not to take umbrella because, hey, whats the worst that could happen? Get wet. Meet some really cool new people. Rescue team member who gets separated from their group1. Have a few beers. Meet more people. Have a curry. Meet more people. Head back to the office. Grab stuff, go back to the flat2. Check email. Check Twitter. Check chat. Blog. Die.

And in the background, relentlessly ticking down, is this thing.

Clock counting down the time until demo day.

The Clock of Doom

Today has been mental, but we do now have this guy on the team.

Our team mascot, Storm

Storm, the team mascot from todays activities

1 Yup, same team member that had the issue with the entry system…

2 I’m in two minds as to call the flat ‘home’, or Techstars ‘home’. I suspect it’ll end up being the latter.