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An Idea For Someone

I’ll be honest here, I don’t really curate my LinkedIn all that much, and I tend to accept any request to link. I do perform a little bit of filtering, but barriers to entry a low. Very low.

One thing I did notice that that, after my title change, I got a lot more requests from people I didn’t know (mainly recruitment consultants, so no surprises there). This got me to thinking:

What if I setup a fake profile with fake title (suitably impressive, like CEO), and just punted it out to LinkedIn. How long until the requests started pouring in?

OK, possibly too easy. Lets go one step further. Lets create a fake company with 26 profiles on LinkedIn. Each profile will be for nice, high ranking titles like CIO for APAC region, or CFO for EMEA. Each profile will also have a first name starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Now, here comes the fun. That fake profile will only accept requests from people who’s names also contain the starting letter of the profiles name (or, if this proves to be wildly successful, only accept requests from people who’s names start with the same letter as the fake profile). After 1 year, look at the network the fake company has built.

Sadly I’m far too lazy to do this (I suspect a fake company website may also be in order), but hey, this is the internet; there are people out there with WAY too much time on their hands. Take this idea, go, run with it. Report back in a year 😀

OK, so maybe Kevlin has a point

Kevlin Henney posted the following today:

Now I can understand Klingon, it’s not a widely spoken language, but Latin? I went to, select, copy, paste, Google Translate, done.

Manifesto enim vincula Lorem ipsum

Nos melius developing discooperiens
Alii luctus et faciendo eam.
Per hoc pretium venimus:

Et super homines, et agant, et fiunt instrumenta
Lorem ipsum dolor sit elit in dolor
Customer in collaborationem negotium contractus
Responsio ad his consilium muta

Id est, cum sit in pretium items
dextrorsum sinistrorsum items magis existimemus.

OK, so I don’t speak Latin and machine translation leaves a lot to be desired, but if we translate back to English we get:

Manifesto for China ties

We better developing uncovering
Some software and doing it.
During this tour we have

And upon men, and to act as, and become the instruments of
Let’s see what the company’s competition in the
Customer collaboration in business contracts
The answers to these policy change

In other words, since it is in the price of the items
right to the left of items more rest.

Which looks correct to me.