Compromised, or How Not To Do Customer Services

Today I went from being a huge Playstation fan to being ardently anti Sony. The reason? Their customer services. It all started with an email saying I’d bought an add on to Call Of Duty today at 12:45. The problem with this is that I don’t own Call Of Duty, and haven’t had the PS3 on for a couple of weeks. Obviously my account has been compromised.

First things first, I changed the password, then confirmed the purchase was made and wasn’t a fishing email, then I called Sony. This call did not go well.

Initially I was told that “you must have turned the console on today to make the purchase”. Really. So you’re calling me a liar, or an idiot. Then, after some investigation, its revealed that another PS3 has been associated with my account. It was this PS3 that was used to make the purchase. When I stated that I had never shared my account I was told that the second console was logged in first time, therefore they had to have had my details and, while not explicitly stated, I was practically accused of handing over my account details to someone else.

To add insult to injury the money stolen from my wallet couldn’t be refunded. In fact, there was nothing Sony could, or would do. They wouldn’t believe that I hadn’t shared my details. Couldn’t refund the stolen money and wouldn’t cancel my account over the phone. I am livid. OK, the money stolen wasn’t a huge amount, but that’s not the point. Sony are hiding behind their terms of service and don’t give a crap that I’ve been hacked and robbed. I don’t want to deal with a company like that. I’ve requested my account be cancelled and will relegate the PS3 to a glorified DVD and BR player.

I work in IT. I know that systems are get compromised, people’s details get leaked, all I was looking for was some positive action to avoid any further damage to my account. Instead I got disbelief and no help. Suffice to say I won’t be getting a PS4 now.