Maven and Eclipse

Yesterday’s issue with Maven turned out to be a little more severe than just not having an Internet connection. Not only could Eclipse not create my new project, it couldn’t build an existing one. This problem persisted even with an Internet connection. From the command line everything worked though.

After fiddling about with a few things I tried a software update for Eclipse. It failed updating GWT. The last time I used eclipse on my laptop I was buggering about with Google Web Toolkit and Maven. Given the failure to update maybe I’d broken something. I uninstalled GWT. No joy.

Finally I stumbled across something on Google that suggested I blow away a large chunk of my local Maven repository, rebuild clean from the command line, refresh the Eclipse project and run Maven -> Update from within the project. That worked.

As far as I can work out I had newer version of the jars in my repository than Eclipse wanted and, for whatever reason, it wasn’t downloading the versions I needed. The command line was happy with the version I had. By deleting and updating it obviously downloaded versions that everyone was happy with. And people wonder why I like Ant.