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Norfolk Developers (NorDev)

I’ve got to admit, when Paul Grenyer from Naked Element approached me a couple of weeks ago about setting up a new group specifically for developers I was a bit sceptical. Leaving aside my concerns about being available on a regular basis to run the group – which was easily solved by sharing that with Paul and Ben Taylor from Validus – there was also the question of how many people would be interested.

I was wrong to be concerned; there are loads of you out there. At barely a week old we currently boast 64 members (which as a geek makes me smile), and 23 of those have said they’re coming to our first event. An event we haven’t even named or confirmed any speakers for!

What I do know is that it’s on the 26th of June, will be held at the Virgin Wines offices since they’ve kindly sponsored the group, and there will almost certainly be cake and some wine to try. No doubt there will be some great speakers, and some interesting conversations sparked from it. Hopefully I’ll see you there.