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Of Neo4j and Docker

So here’s a fun one. We’re using Docker, because, you know, DevOps, startup and all that jazz; and we’re using Neo4j because graphs. Until recently Neo4j didn’t have an official Docker repository, but we’re enterprising people and we know how to build Docker images. We also know how to Google, so lets just use someone else’s Docker image. Which is fine, until you come to use the shiny new official Neo4j Docker image with all the lovely new features it brings.

And then this happens:

Caused by: org.neo4j.kernel.impl.storemigration.StoreUpgrader$UnexpectedUpgradingStoreVersionException: '/var/lib/neo4j/data/graph.db/neostore.nodestore.db' has a store version number that we cannot upgrade from. Expected 'v0.A.3' but file is version ''.

Which is problematic, because you need your 2.1.8 datastore updating to 2.3.1 to run with this image. And Google isn’t being helpful in providing a solution (which is mostly the reason behind this post). Long story short, Neo4j prior to 2.3.0 didn’t play well with Docker. You run docker stop neo4j and it casually sits there for a few seconds before issuing a kill -9 and taking the database down at it’s knees. This became apparent when I took my 2.1.8 database files and ran it using a local (non Docker) install of Neo4j 2.1.8 and it told me:

Detected incorrectly shut down database, performing recovery..

Once I’d done that the official Docker image was more than happy to start up and upgrade the files. So if you’re sat staring at whacking great big stack trace, that culminates in an exception with a blank (or garbled) version string, go fire up a local copy of Neo4j (ideally the same version you’re running in Docker), hand it your data files (or edit the neo4j-server.properties file to point to the files), run neo4j console, wait for it to repair and startup, hit CTRL-c and go use the official Docker image – which shouldn’t suffer from this issue with future upgrades.

Good luck 😉