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So I pre-ordered an Apple Watch

Unsurprisingly the Apple Watch has sold out fast. Incredibly fast. Pre-orders were supposed to open at 8:01 in the UK. They were a few minutes late getting the Apple Store back on line (I know, I was hitting refresh every 15 seconds). I then went straight to my preferred watch, double checked the size using the scale images, and hit order. It can’t have been 60 seconds after the UK pre-orders went on line. And yet they had already sold out of my chosen watch. Delivery date for me is sometime next month. Which kind of sucks.

The whole Apple Watch thing has been a dilemma for me. I like wearing watches. For a long time I wore a very nice black ceramic watch. Sadly it was fragile and when I broke the strap a second time I decided I would keep the hundreds it would cost to fix and wait for Apple’s offering.

When the Apple Watch was finally announced I was… conflicted. I love what it does, although I do find it ironic that I want some of the features to save me having to get my overly large iPhone 6 out of my pocket. I’m not sure about the looks. They’ve grown on me, but it’s very iPhone, or iPad 1. Chunky would be a good adjective.

And herein lies the problem. The Apple Watch I wanted, with the black link strap, is damn near a grand. At that price it’s jewellery and my expectations for looks go from high (as they are for consumer hardware) to extremely picky. Then there is the question of resale value if I want to upgrade – how much of my thousand pound outlay will I lose? And finally the whole thing is an unknown quantity. Is it just a gimmick that I will tire of in a month? Or will it become central to my life like my laptop and my phone?

Oh, and it’s ‘Rev A’ in every sense of the word. It’s the first run of this model, and the first ever consumer build of a watch they’ve done. It’s likely to be less than perfect. I expect Apple Watch 2 to be sleeker, faster, better and have longer battery life. And I expect that in 12-18 months time.

So splashing a grand that I don’t have on an unknown quantity that doesn’t quite flick all the aesthetic switches becomes difficult to justify. But I still wanted one.

The obvious compromise here is to go for the Sport version. It’s considerably cheaper and will loose less money in real terms when it comes to resale, be that for an upgrade or because I no longer use it. And if I’m compromising I may as well go the whole hog and get the smaller watch. It’s £50 cheaper, slightly less bulky and could potentially go to my wife if I did upgrade.

Call it dipping a toe in the water. I get a seat at the party, albeit a few weeks later than some. I get to live with a smart watch for a while and have time to put together stupid amounts of money for Apple Watch 2 if it turns out that it is everything I hope it is.