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The diet starts… later

So it was rather my intention that joining Rainbird1 was going to kickstart a bit of a health drive. In my previous job there was Noodle Monday (which often featured extra large portions), Doughnut Thursday, random cakes, and the ever present snack machine which, during my last few months there, was being visited as early as 9am for my first hit of chocolate. This, among other things, has seen me putting on over 5Kg23.

Knowing, as I did, that my old team would just by sugary treats for my leaving presentation I simply requested all money collected be put to charity. This was taken as _”put a small part of it aside for charity, spend the lions share on sweets”. As a result Rainbird now has a sweetie drawer, and I don’t need a snack machine as I’ve got rubbish on tap for the next couple of weeks at least.

Noodle Monday has remained, although I’m reigning back to just large portions which had me feeling quite righteous about myself… until company ice cream happened on the way back to the office4.

After seeing me destroy a bag of flying saucers5, Ben, my boss, then proceeded to purchase me the largest possible tub of flying saucers he could find at Macro. The only reason this hasn’t been completely finished is the late hour in the day it arrived. I don’t recon it’s chances at lasting the distance today.

I’ve not got as far as Thursday to see if Doughnut Thursday can be avoided, but even if I do escape it it’s not looking great for the diet. I’m going to have to start thinking really hard about considering going back to the gym regularly.

1 As part of a rebranding exercise going on before the launch of the open beta on the 21st of next month the name is changing from RainBird to Rainbird, hence the chance in capitalisation from previous posts.

2 For those of you who work in old money, I’ve put on about a stone. If you work in lbs then you’ll have to work it out yourself.

3 That’s 5Kg, footnote 2, footnote 3, not 5Kg squared, cubed.

4 Although, free large ice cream! Yay!

5 I have a sugar problem, don’t judge me!