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It doesn’t seem to matter what role I do in IT, it’s going to involve a certain amount of crawling around on the floor messing about with cables. Even in non support roles in large organisations where there were teams hired purely to crawl around the floor and mess about with cables, I still found myself doing it. Not that I mind; the aforementioned teams never seemed to wire up my machine the way I wanted anyway1.

With my move to a company who’s size will double to two when I join (with 50% of the company outranking me) I fully expect more crawling about on the floor – and not just with cables. One of my first jobs is going to be putting together the new office furniture, something I’m actually looking forward to strangely. I’d say this is the perfect example of a startup teaching you new, and unexpected skill sets, but the furniture is coming from IKEA and I’m already a dab hand at building that stuff – after all, it’s basically wooden lego for adults.

1 A true Jedi does his own cabling and bests the cable monster one on one – either that or I suffer from OCD when it comes to… well, many things actually.