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A Meeting With Lord Parry Mitchell

In the aftermath of the SyncNorwich TechCrunch event I wrote a rabble rousing piece for the NTJ which culminated in the quote: “Norfolk has announced its presence on the tech map, and it’s not just here to stay, it’s here to be an increasingly important player in Digital Britain.“. It seems someone was listening, if not directly to me, then to the sentiment and buzz that I was writing about.

On Friday we are being visited by Lord Parry Mitchell who, among other things, is a spokesperson for business matters in the House of Lords. As a past information technology advisor for Labour he makes an ideal person to talk to when it comes to the technology sector in Norwich.

The visit will initially take Lord Mitchell to St James’ Mill, which is shaping up to be a real tech hub in Norwich. After that there will be a meeting with him in the Council Chamber of Norwich City Council and 60 of you lucky lot are invited (see the invitation below).

We’re currently at an inflection point in Norwich; the future for technology in the region could be amazing… or it could just fizzle out. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to help shape that future so it’s hugely important that we get a wide spectrum of the regions tech industry attending. Yes, it’s a long lunch, but it’s also a Friday, so that’s OK. It’s also work related since everyone will benefit from a booming tech industry.

Speak to your boss, ask if you can come along. Ask if he wants to come along (pro tip: he probably should). The absolute worst that can happen is you get to be part of an interesting discussion with a prominent figure. Compare that to the potential upside and it becomes a no brainer.

Original invitation text:

Invitation to a meeting with technology adviser Lord Parry Mitchell

We would like to invite you to a discussion with Lord Parry Mitchell in the Council Chamber of Norwich City Council on Friday March 7th from 12.30-1.30pm. Lord Mitchell is an Opposition spokesperson for Business matters in the House of Lords, focusing particularly on the role that SMEs play in our economy.

He is a graduate of London University and holds an MBA from Graduate School of Business, Columbia University New York.

He was until recently Chairman of Syscap plc, an IT finance, leasing, rental and asset management service provider. He has worked in developing relationships between government and the IT industry. In the past he has acted as Labour’s information technology adviser.

We are delighted to be joined by Lord Mitchell who will be give a short speech about his experience in business and challenges and opportunities for the tech sector. We all know that Norwich and Norfolk is a rapidly growing hub for tech businesses and Lord Mitchell is keen to hear from all within the sector about how we can help it grow.