Apple upgrade treadmill

It’s the Apple upgrade season which means I’ve got a lot of shiny new software, and a little bit of shiny new hardware. As a rabid Apple fanboi it’s not been a stellar year. Here’s my breakdown:

iOS9: “Meh”, unless you’ve got an iPhone 6S in which case still “meh”, albeit with a few extra features I’ll likely use rarely.

Watch OS2: “…”, although that’s not a bad thing, I’m very happy with my watch and remain very happy with it.

OSX El Capitan: My exact words were “Did they let Jony Ive out of his white room to look at this before they released it?”. There are some questionable design decisions around Expose.

iPhone 6s: An unexpected upgrade. My wife broke her phone, so I upgraded and gave her my 6. 3D touch is… interesting. The haptic feedback makes me think I’ve broken something in the phone by pressing too hard. As more apps use it it could become a useful feature. As it is I wouldn’t have upgraded if we didn’t need a new phone in the house.

iPad Pro: Want. Badly. I had no idea how I was going to get one last week. Since then I’ve had an unexpected iPhone purchase and need to get a laptop repaired (my wife has not had a good week) so it’s even more unlikely I’ll be getting one. I may need to smile sweetly at work.