Look mum, I'm on TV!

Keep calm, and look like an idiot ;)

Those who have met me will know that I’m not exactly shy when people start asking me questions. I will happily dominate a discussion and will talk at length on subjects that I’m comfortable with. I appear confident when doing public speaking because I generally pick subjects I know well, and I have a pre-prepared script that I can work from.

Turns out, however, that an unscripted interview in front of cameras is a completely different beast. I was interviewed for the Mustard Business Extra show today which, while not an unmitigated disaster, wasn’t exactly my finest hour.

It seems that what I thought was my “look calm, relaxed and cool” pose is actually my “look really uncomfortable and unnatural” pose, and my usually eloquent verbiage was replaced with slightly halting babble.

As I was answering the first question my brain was having the following monologue:

“OK, say something articulate… no! Articulate, you idiot! OK, now hit them with your expansive… er… list of… things you say – dammit, words! Vocabulary even! Too late, keep going… OK, you’re waffling now, bring it to a close. Now to make a strong point about… what was the question again?”

With the large number of YouTube videos I’ve made I have finally become comfortable with listening to recordings of my voice, but I’m still not comfortable watching video of myself so tomorrow nights airing could be a tad excruciating. It doesn’t help that I thought it was a talking head setup so I rocked up in shorts. Good thing you can’t really see my battered old shoes 😀