Techstars – CTO Club Reprise

There is nothing like the buzz of a new Techstars cohort. That raw energy, waiting to be tempered in the forge of 13 gruelling weeks into laser focused businesses that will either win, or die trying.

The Techstars Clock Of Doom

It’s day 3 of the London 2015 Summer cohort, and the first CTO meeting, which I was kindly invited to host. I wrote the following about the CTO meeting in our cohort:

The first rule of CTO club is that you don’t talk about CTO club. The second rule of CTO club is that if you don’t get stuck into the chocolate croissants near the beginning of the meeting I’m going to have eaten them all.

Both rules still stand, and although I didn’t see any chocolate croissants I did polish off the pain-au-chocolates in short order.

I also said:

The CTO meetings are likely to be invaluable to me as, while I bring a fair amount of experience to the table, most of that experience is as a developer. OK, so I’ve been a team lead, development head and even a Head of IT before, but all that’s crammed into the very last portion of my career. Part of me still views myself as a naive 22 year old who’s just starting out in a support team.

As the ”experienced” CTO here to help guide the others I think that whole ”I’m making this up as I go along” holds more now than it ever did. I have a t-shirt that reads ”Don’t copy me, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing”. I may need to wear this more often.

It was great to see the enthusiasm of the CTOs in this new cohort, and wonderful to see the beginnings of the cross-pollination that happens when you put a bunch of tech companies in close proximity. I look forward to seeing their progress.

If you’re interested in following this cohort there is a new (hopefully daily) blog by Rosario Garcia de Zuniga, CTO and co-founder of Headliner which you can find at