Of Unicorns and Dragons

One of the GoGo Dragons in Norowich
The tech industry is full of jargon, and it just gets worse when you enter startup land. As this article points out, there’s even jargon for how large a company is. Unicorn (valued over $1Bn) and Decacorn (valued over $10Bn) I’d heard before. The rest were new.

Dragon ($100Bn) is probably a reaction to the fact that Centicorn sounds ridiculous – although I do like the sound of Teracorn, and at a valuation of $109Bn I suspect any investor would too.

The argument is that while unicorns are rare, dragons are rarer. I’m going to argue that this is a ridiculous post rationalisation.

Dragons are everywhere. Norwich is littered with them at the moment. Tales that include dragons are quite common. Tales that include unicorns less so. I’d also argue that while tales with dragons don’t necessarily imply unicorns (Reign of Fire for example), tales that include unicorns generally use a mythology that also include dragons almost by default.

Much easier to rationalise the Unicorn to Dragon scale as dragons are much more badass than unicorns. Simple as.

Of course, eventually inflation is going to mean that Dragon will no longer suffice. Do we simply take from the whole gamut of mythology – in which case may I be the first to propose that a Kilocorn ($1000bn) size company be called a Titan, or do we need to draw from mythology that already includes unicorns and dragons? The latter becomes harder, but we could go with Tarrasque which is certainly more badass than all but the eldest dragons, it just doesn’t really roll off the tongue.