Techstars: Day 86 (The Urban Geek Pack)

I’m known as a bit of a fixer at Techstars. Need a cable? Speak to Dom. Camera? Dom has one. Tripod for pitch videos? Torch? Portable charging? All covered. It seems I come covered for every eventuality – although I do come up short on some occasions.

So how do I achieve this? Well the secret is the Urban Geek Pack™. This is my backpack, which contains:

  • A 13” Retina Display MacBook Pro
  • An iPad (3rd Gen)
  • Adapters from mini DisplayPort to VGA, DVI and HDMI
  • An iPad to HDMI adapter
  • A pair of Apple earbuds (these are actually backups, I normally have my Shure’s for music)
  • A Power adapter for the MacBook Pro
  • 30 Pin and lightning connector cables
  • A charging plug for the above cables
  • USB to micro USB cable
  • A portable battery pack with USB output
  • Various USB sticks ranging from 8-64Gb in capacity
  • An artists pad (A4)
  • Assorted coloured Sharpies in varying thicknesses
  • A Gorillapod tripod
  • A remote presentation remote
  • A microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Assorted torches
  • Assorted pain killers and cold remedies
  • Sunglasses
  • An umbrella

There is space for more things, which is good, because today I was asked for a CF card reader (which I can relocate from my camera bag) and a Female to Female HDMI extender. I think the last request was possibly beginning to border on the ridiculous.

I can whole heartedly recommend that at least one person in any given Techstars cohort is armed with an equivalent bag. It can save the day on many, many occasions.

Sadly, with Demo Day fast approaching I’ve had to give notice to everyone in our cohort that tech support and access to the Urban Geek Pack will be suspended at 18:00 on Thursday. From then on I need to concentrate on Rainbird and our pitch. Of course, if anyone desperately needs help I’m sure we can accommodate them for a token percentage of their company. Say… 25%? 😀


I should also include (because I’ve actually been asked for them):

  • Elastic bands
  • Tissues