Techstars: Day 84 (Bonding)

Techstars talks about family. You have the Techstars family, which is all the alumni, mentors, hacksociates, basically everyone who is involved with Techstars in some way. But then you also hear about the feeling of family you get with your fellow founders in your cohort. You bond through a shared experience.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t really feeling that bonding. We get along. We talk. We help each other out. But no really special connection. I was beginning to think that perhaps that was a more US centric thing and that we, being based in London would have the very British attitude of ”Over the past 102 days, I’ve come to think of you all as ‘people I’ve shared an office with’”.

As demo day draws ever closer, and the stress levels start to rise I’m beginning to see those tight bonds forming. Just being here over the weekend and going into the office to work, pitch and help out has seen me learn a lot more about my fellow founders. I suspect this last week will be truly transformative.

One thing I did this weekend (because all work and no play makes Dom a highly strung diva who’s a sod to be around) was knock up a simulated demo day clock. It’s set to the same time as the Techstars Clock of Doom in the office, and gives you the same view we have when we walk past it. Leave it running somewhere where you can see it constantly and enjoy the sense of urgency it provides.

I will caveat the clock with the fact that I’m unlikely to have any time to do anything with it until after demo day so when it hits 0 it’s probably going to break. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll alter it so you can set it to countdown to whatever event you want.