Techstars: Day 73 (Circling the drain)

I have the plague. And by plague I mean death. And by death I mean a slight cold. To be honest, it’s not even man-flu. But it’s there and it’s getting worse. Crap diet, no sleep and long days is going to turn it into full blown man-flu if I’m not careful. If I was by myself this weekend I’d not worry, push through it for the next two days and then spend the weekend in bed.

But I’m going home for the first time in nearly a month and I’d like to spend some time with my family. So I’ve left work early – because 07.15-17:15 is a half day that I started 15 minutes late :S I may well be in bed by 20:00 which should give me 9+ hours of sleep and see me raring to go tomorrow.