Techstars: Day 72 (Drive)

So this morning started badly when I was woken by Chris’ alarm. This can only mean one thing: I’ve overslept. By 75 minutes. My waking thought was a slightly stronger version of “oh crap!”

Interestingly, however, “overslept” is a subjective term. The only person saying I must get up at 6am is me. Part of that is to do with the fact that when I go home 6am is part of my daily routine. Part of it is to do with the fact that I want to nail as much of the day as early as possible.

The key thing is that no-one is telling me I need to be in the office at 7. Not Ben, not Techstars, not our investors. I am driven to be there at that time. Driven to give my best. And I’m not alone. Techstars is full of driven people. It’s why we’re there.

So yes, I overslept. But there is a positive. I got 7 hours sleep instead of 6, so I’m slightly less tired than perhaps I might otherwise have been. Hopefully that equates to more output in the reduced time.