Techstars: Day 65 (15 seconds of fame)

After blogging about our new NodeJS driver for Neo4j and receiving some traction I decided today it was time to offer it up to Hacker News and see what they made of it. For the briefest of moments (probably only seconds), I made it to position 21 on the front page, before sinking like a stone to languish on page 2 and 3. Not that I’m overly concerned, it was a ‘Show HN’ post and I spent a good 5 hours in the top 5 of that page. The driver has had a number of visits and people seem to be playing with it and liking it. I’ve got a Neo4j meetup tomorrow where I’ll pimp the library some more and drum up more interest.

To actually be able to genuinely contribute to open source software, rather than just making a token effort, is one of the great things about working at Rainbird. I’ve no idea if the library will take off or not, but it’s there for people to use and it’s good to be able to give stuff back to the community.