Techstars: Day 59 (Big Knowledge)

The Techstars Clock of Doom now only has 29 days left on it

The Techstars Clock of Doom

The ever present Clock Of Doom did the inevitable today and clicked over to 29 days left. That’s a big psychological thing because the number now starts with a 2. It’s not going to a huge amount of time before it starts with a 1, and then we’re down to days before demo day.

We’re still working out how to pitch Rainbird, but made big progress today courtesy of David Cohen. David was able to understand what it was we were doing and come up with the basis of a great elevator pitch, all over a video chat while he was feeling under the weather. He’s clearly done this before.

Ben is now fleshing out a rough outline that some of us helped put together tonight so that we’ll have a workable version 2 of the deck for tomorrow. We think it’s a big improvement on last weeks deck. It still got flaws, but if we can keep the rate of improvement up it’ll be outstanding come demo day.

In the meantime Nathan has termed a new phrase: “Big Knowledge”. This has come off the back of us joking about exa-scale knowledge. It’s an utterly meaningly term, but it sounds great.