Techstars: Day 58 (1 Month Left!)

The Techstars Demo Day clock showing only 30 days and 14 hours left

Only 1 month left on the Clock Of Doom

OK, that’s a scary thought. 1 month left until Demo Day. That’s 30 days and change given sleep is going to erode that time by a few more hours.

While Demo Day isn’t the be all and end all for us, it’s still a milestone. It marks the end of being at Techstars (although, importantly, not the end of being a part of Techstars), and the start of returning to normal life.

Despite the odd off day I’m hugely enjoying my time down in London. I’d liken the countdown to the end of a holiday. You know, once the time is up, it’s all over and you’re back in the real world. I suspect that it’s precisely because there is an end point that I’m happy to endure the long hours and the hard work. I’m not sure I’d be so happy if it was an indefinite situation.

The shine is also beginning to wear off a little, and while I will always be a little saddened to leave I do suspect I will start feeling like I’ve had enough come the end. I miss my family, I miss my gaming rig, and my bank account can’t really support too much more of me being here without me becoming really careful about what I spending – something I’d like to avoid.

Meanwhile we’re embracing the build phase of the process and knocking out tons of new code. I’ve got something like five and a half thousand lines of code, tests and documentation waiting for final review which represents the last 6 weeks of my life. That’s a rate I’ll probably never match again.