Techstars: Day 57 (Strategy)

You’d think it would be easy to get the team together for an ‘all hands’ Rainbird meeting, but the rather hectic schedule of Techstars meant that our planned breakfast meeting tomorrow morning wasn’t going to happen. In fact the only time we had left this week where we were all free was tonight. This realisation was made at about 5:30pm.

30 minutes later and we were all ensconced in the ‘management suite’ solidifying our current thinking. Since the onslaught of conflicting advice that was Mentor Madness finished we’ve been a lot more focused in our thinking. It seems that thinking may have been a little off. This in itself isn’t an issue. Techstars isn’t about magically determining the correct strategy on day one, it’s about testing hypothesis and iterating. We had a hypothesis, we tested it, it didn’t quite hold up. So we’re modifying it, although not drastically.

I have to admit that this area isn’t my forte, so I’m happy to take more of a back seat and follow the lead of others who know more about it than I do. I am taking the opportunity to ask dumb questions and make notes though as it’s a fantastic learning experience.

In the mean time the rather abrupt and early end to the day at the office has meant some time to kick back a bit at the flat, something we’re taking advantage of.