Techstars: Day 56 (Noise and bouncing)

This weekend has been a bit of a play weekend for me. I staying in London, partly so I could get on with a few things I wanted to do, partly so I could catch up on my sleep and partly because I wanted to go out.

Kimono, one of the companies in this cohort, have given me access to their API so I spent Saturday writing a [NodeJS][node] client for it, before using that to throw together a chat bot loosely based on the classic IRC infobot. While a bit of a toy it does prove the client I wrote works and paves the way for other, more sensible things, like GitHub integration. The aim for us is to get a Rainbird client written for it.

During the evening I finally made it out to Slimelight, my favourite night club of all time. Age, family, and distance means that attending club nights are difficult when I’m at home. It takes up most of the weekend, it’s a long way, expensive and I never really get to catch up on the lost sleep. Being in London and on my own gets rid of some of those problems. Age is still a factor though, and I had to bail at 4:30am, but not before spending 4 hours on the dance floor having a whale of a time.

Today has been spent doing quite a large rewrite of the Rainbird Neo4j wrapper which we use with the new core of Rainbird. I’ve added a whole bunch of new features which need to be tested before I can release it but I’m pretty proud of the result. A nap also featured thanks to the time I got in this morning.

Add to that two awesome home made dinners tonight and last night and it’s shaped up to be not a bad weekend, all things considered. I miss my wife and Willow like crazy, but they’ll be down here on Friday. Given the speed at which the weeks are passing at now, that will be in no time at all.