Techstars: Day 54 (Haircut One Hundred)

It’s amazing what 8+ hours sleep and a new day can do. My feet still hurt, but that’s getting better, and I woke up in a much more positive frame of mind. There’s also the fact that Friday/Saturday/Sunday are not crazy days. I left the office about 6:15 today, got a haircut, went shopping, forgot the limes I needed for dinner, and got home for just past 7.

Given the lack of limes the light snack I was going to prepare for dinner isn’t going to happen and I can’t be bothered to go back out. Instead I’ll watch a film, eat some nibbles, edit some stuff I need to write and get another early night. It’s practically a day off!

Tomorrow I plan to mess about with the API for Kimono, one of the other Techstars companies, and produce a chat bot. The ultimate plan is to then get it hooked up to the Rainbird API and do something funky via IM, which could be cool.