Techstars: Day 53 (Not playing any more)

So a huge part of writing this blog was about documenting the authentic Techstars experience – which is a lofty goal, and one I failed at Day 3. There’s a reason for this.

Despite not bothering a huge amount about ‘Corporate Image’ this is a public facing blog, and I know how the internet works. You can’t unsay things. So, some stuff needs to be toned down, or omitted entirely. Actually, a lot of stuff needs to be toned down or omitted entirely. There isn’t even a subtext in my day 3 post of the issue that cropped up then.

Then there is the fact I’m trying to keep this PG13. OK, so some things lack the forcefulness that a good sprinkling of expletives brings, but again, public facing and on the internet – so we avoid going there.

In some respect’s it’s tad annoying that I can’t be completely open here. I’d have loved to have the ’warts and all’ version to look back on. Realistically there isn’t enough time to do that as well as this blog, plus a lot of the issues probably looked a lot larger at the time than they really were. Perhaps it’s a good thing it’s only the edited version that exists.

Anyway, with that in mind, if you take something like my Day 17 post you can kind of work out that, although the highs can be very high, the lows can be very low indeed.

In fact the analogy I used in that post is a good one. Yesterday was a high. This morning, mainly due to being in quite a lot of pain thanks to gout, I woke up early in a miserable mood. The timing couldn’t have been worse either as we had people visiting us, and Thursdays are the social day. Today would have been greatly improved without people. Any people.

So you can get a sense of what it’s like for me at the moment, imagine your feet in a vice, while at the same time bits of metal being shoved between each joint in your foot so it feels like nothing fits. It gets distracting, and it dampens your mood. It also makes walking problematic.

So come 8:30, or whenever it was, with all of us stood in a crowded pub about to start with the small talk I just decided I wasn’t playing any more. So I walked out and hobbled home.

That’s the public facing version. The reality involves a lot more swearing, or at least it does in my head.