Techstars: Day 52 (All green!)

Code coverage report showing 100% coverage

For the non-technical among you the above picture probably doesn’t mean much. The fact that the text is green and its got 100% dotted about the place probably indicates that it’s likely to be A Good Thing™, and it is.

This is the output from rainbird-yolanda[1], specifically the report telling me how much of the code I’ve spent the past few weeks writing is tested. The 100% means all of it is tested, which is nice.

This becomes important because Ben also hit a milestone today and we’re close to joining the logic he’s written to the infrastructure I’ve written. I may need to tweak a few thinks in order to get everything to fit, and when I do the tests will tell me if I’ve inadvertently broken anything. This gives us a high level of confidence and means we don’t run into unforeseen problems days down the line.

I may be 8 days behind where I wanted to be, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve produced, and chuffed with the report output.

[1] Yolanda is what we’ve called the rewrite of the internals of Rainbird, because Prolog[2]

[2] ?- happy(yolanda). – it’s a geek thing, I wouldn’t worry about it.