Techstars: Day 51 (Mentor Sanity)

So after the insanity that was Mentor Madness we’ve had 80 potential mentors whittled down to just a handful. With the selection process done we can now sit down with these mentors and get beyond the 20 minute “hi, this is us and this is what we do” [1] and into more meaty discussions. Today Ben and I saw two of our mentors and went over a few subjects with them.

One of these was the small issue of the rather large rewrite of the core of Rainbird. There is always a temptation with things like this to keep adding new features and to make it absolutely perfect. I like to think we’re big enough and ugly enough to avoid this kind of problem, but it’s good to be explicitly reminded of it. Having to explain to a mentor why the delivery date has slipped again is a good way of keeping you honest.

[1] or, more accurately, ”hi, this is us and this is how we’re currently describing what it is we think we do”.