Techstars: Day 49 (Breaking point)

For those not paying attention (or for those who haven’t been reading the entire story) my family live in North Norfolk and consist of my heavily pregnant wife, 3 year old daughter, 3 mice and some fish. The journey home is 3.5 hours and entails about 30 minutes of walking and two trains. On a bad day it’s around 5 hours and involves busses as well. Today is a bad day.

Before going to Techstars I researched the hell out of it. One thing that is made abundantly clear is that if you have a family or partner, they are going to suffer. With that in mind I set expectations with my wife to be low. Very low. Like 5 minute video call once a day and back home every other weekend at best low. Unsurprisingly this caused an argument, but not a major one. I was the first to admit I was being horribly selfish, and the hoped for outcome benefits the entire family hugely. We both understand that.

So my heavily pregnant wife (due on the 18th of March) is effectively a single mum for 3 months with flying visits from me for 48 hours at a time every two weeks or so. Not insurmountable, many wives have endured that, but not exactly easy either. It seems this departure was the breaking point.

I don’t know if it’s the fact I’ve recently been home for 2 weeks, so she’s got used to me being home again, or if it’s the fact that I’m away for 4 weeks this time and we’re not seeing each other until my wife and daughter visit me in London in 2 weeks time, or if it’s the constant goodbye’s and the fleeting visits, or if it’s all of the above, but todays goodbye was tearful.

I now get to throw myself into work with no time to think about anything else. My wife has to keep the house and family together for my return. All I can say is that if your partner bears up as well as mine you’re onto a keeper there.