Techstars: Day 46 (The brutal truth)

It’s Thursday, so All Hands day. Turns out yesterday was the half way mark, so it’s the downhill run now until demo day. All Hands will now be dedicated towards rehearsing and polishing our presentations. Hopefully we’ll continue to have the founder stories afterwards as I find these to be really useful.

The founder stories can be very open and honest, so I’m not going to mention names for tonight’s session or recount any of the amusing stories that were told. The talk was a hysterical look at how you can royally cock things up with team and culture without even realising you’re doing it. At points it could nearly be entitled ”how to kill a startup”.

Given most people hear ‘startup’ and think the multi-billion dollar success stories it can be easy to forget that for every Facebook there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies that have failed for some reason. Creating a startup is hard and hearing others say ”you know what, we found it really hard too, but we’re doing OK now” reminds you that you’re not alone – everyone finds it hard because it is hard.